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All about the Fishing Derby 1-31-15
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We are working at removing a beaver dam at the lake outlet.  Our plan is to do it at the end of this season, so its not rebuilt and effecting us in the spring.   The Beaver are smarter than us – they probably will have another one in place for us in the Spring of 2015.
End of Summer Dinner event was a huge success.  We had 96 members attend at the Legion for a great Dinner and Social gathering.  Join us next year !
We continue to manage the outlet / creek and keep it clear of trees, rubbish and little critter made house & dams.  We cut up a couple of trees in the water & have some additional clean up to do.  The water is flowing smoothly and seeking its own natural level.
If you would like to help, call or email me and we will reach out to you on our next adventure. Mike Pres-ML-LPOA
We will be treating EWM in specific area, per the permit on the Middle Lake.
CLPW was treated on May 16th
Due to the High Water level, the board is asking that all residents observe a Voluntary No Wake Zone, 300 feet from shore.
- When Lake Levels are at 1001.80 or above  ( Refer to WaterLevel/Historic Water Level tab )
Shoreline erosion is a problem for lake shore owners, and results in sediment increase in the lake and a decrease in water quality.
This request is a temporary and voluntary measure until the lake levels recede.
The Board requests that we be good neighbors, good stewards, and good sportsmen to preserve Maple Lake