Water Level

7-21-14 Lake Level Recap
 Our Lake has finally returned to the levels we had on May 3rd – at our spring meeting. – (See our Historic water  level tab)
Please be mindful of your neighbors shore line, from the boat waves you create.  Enjoy your summer..
Hello Members,
As the rain continues, I am sure you have some concerns about the lake level. Here is some information about lake levels and action taken by the board. 
Lake Level Recap
Current Lake Level
Use these as reference numbers
1001.80                 is referred to as our normal high water mark
1002.16                 is our highest recorded mark – (9-07-02)
996.66                   is our lowest 10-7-89
1001.40                 This was our reading at the 2014 Annual May meeting
1002.15                 This is our reading as of 6-2-14 am
.75                           Difference ( 9 inches higher)
Our lake is up 9” from the May 3rd  2014 annual meeting.  Even at that time it was probably up 2-3 inches since the ice went out this spring.
-          We have cleaned out the above normal obstructions at the exit end of the lake
-          There currently was a flow occurring – but slow & obstructed.
-          This has improved and we will watch it regularly
The question about establishing a no wake zone has been asked, we are currently reviewing what this means to the whole lake and the logistics of it.
Happy summer.
Mike Raiche, President and
MLPOA Board of Directors